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Includes 3 rigged lung baits. Bait is a very effective way to catch an alligator. Gator Pro's GATOR BAIT is prepared lung with a legal size  wooden peg (Florida) and a 2' leader (400# Mono-filament) w/ swivel. To prepare the bait prior to hunting for maximum results, we recommend pre-decaying by leaving outdoors in the sun for a few hours in a covered bucket. When hunting, just put the bait out where an alligator has been hanging out, spool out line and move away 100 to 150 yrds. When the alligator grabs the bait, give him line to run with it if he wants to. Once you've determined that he has swallowed the bait, move towards the alligator while reeling in the line. Slowly pull up the gator, and harpoon, snatch hook, or shoot with a Bow or Crossbow when he surfaces. If you are pulling him up by the bait and he goes to run, just let the line out and start over again. Some unique features about lung is that it is very bloody and it floats. It's easier to smell on the surface, and a gator can quickly find it. The bigger the bait, the bigger the gator it will take to swallow it. Ships semi-frozen.

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 Happy Hunting!

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Gator Pro Pre-Rigged GATOR BAIT (3 pack)

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