• Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel
The Retriever Pro delivers great new technology and significant improvements over other Bowfishing reels! The Retriever Pro has no button to forget to push before the shot. Just draw, aim, and shoot! The line is stacked in the bottle rather than wound on a drum or spool. And with the zero-drag design, arrows fly faster and deeper with virtually no drag. The Retriever Pro features all the improvements that bowfishers like you have asked for! It's stronger, lighter, and even more corrosion resistant. And the quick adjust telescoping clamp makes adjusting for different sized hands simple. Theres also more clearance for protruding arrow rests. And finally, the slick new Arrow Quiver gives you a place to store your arrow when not in use. With the AMS Retriever Pro, all the great features you've been wanting are integrated into one , complete, convenient reel! Comes equipped with 25 yards of 200# Braided Spectra Line.

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Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel

  • $109.99

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